Upgrades That Add Value to Your Toronto Condo

Whether you are considering putting your condo up for sale or just are tired of the same boring colours and want to update the design, making improvements adds value to your condo and is accomplished with various upgrades. You have to carefully weigh the different upgrade options available as not all are going to give you the same amount of return on your investment. Some do offer a full return on your investment, like the ones mentioned here.

Condo Upkeep and Maintenance Upgrades

If walls need painting, paint them to maintain their appearance. If the floor needs fixed, repaired, or replaced, do it. These types of upkeep and maintenance normally provides a 100% return on your investment. Basically, anything that would be considered normal upkeep preserves the value of the condo, while at the same time, almost guarantees a full return on the costs to maintain your condo.

Kitchen Renovation and Remodel

This type of upgrade offers great returns and increases the value of your home. You can get cabinets repainted, replace doors with a different style, add new door handles, replace the countertop, replace appliances, and more. The remodel and renovation should fit with your goals and objectives. If you want to give it facelift, only replace the elements necessary. On the other hand, if you want to gut the kitchen and start over, then do it. Just avoid getting too carried away. Installing top of the line appliances in a starter condo will not pay off later should you decide to sell it.

Bathroom Renovation and Remodel

One area of the home that quickly lowers offers from potential buyers are bathrooms. If your bathrooms are dated or the design could be improved, then get it done. Just like the kitchen, focus on what aspects you want to change and improve and only do what needs to be done to reach this goal. Upgrading the bathtub to a Jacuzzi tub and replacing linoleum with ceramic tiled floors will pay off later.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are very popular in today’s interior designs. If you currently have carpeting or linoleum in your condo, consider getting it replaced with a hardwood floor. There are all different colours and styles to choose from, and should you ever sell your condo, you will sell if much faster and for more money if it has hardwood floors. If you already have hardwood floors, consider getting them refinished in a different coloured stain.

Storage Spaces

Storage is a concern for any homeowner. If you have certain areas in your condo where you could increase storage space, get this upgrade done because it will increase the value of the home. You can expand existing closets or have new ones built in locations which need them.

All of these upgrades can be done even if you are not a do-it-yourself type of person or you do not have the resources to hire an architect, designer, and project manager. Turn-Key Projects has simplified condo upgrades to give you beautiful designs to fit your budget and includes all materials and labour required to transform and upgrade you condo. For more information about affordable, modern condo renovations in Toronto contact Turn-Key Project at 416-414-9298 today.