Tips for Planning a Toronto Condo Renovation

Planning a renovation of your Toronto condo is a major undertaking. At times, it can seem stressful and overwhelming. Where many condo owners go wrong is not taking the time to prepare and consider the best ways to approach this type of project. You need to understand exactly what you are doing and what results your desire. The following tips can help make renovating your condo easier and simpler, while alleviating any stress.

DIY or Professional Toronto Renovation Company?

Before you start shopping for materials, and supplies for your renovation project, the most important decision you need to decide is who is going to the work. Do you want to attempt to do the renovations yourself or hire an experienced and professional Toronto condo renovation company? While you might be perfectly capable of doing some of the renovation work yourself, do you really have the time and skills needed to complete everything how you want it?

An experienced condo renovation service is familiar with the intricacies posed by this type of project. They understand there are space limitations and tackling a full renovation requires completing work on various areas of the condo in an efficient manner. In addition, they understand there are building regulations and set working hours imposed by most condo owners’ associations.

Find Out Your Condo Regulations

As previously mentioned, most condominium buildings have unique rules and regulations that typically do not apply to single-family dwellings. The rules and regulations not only apply to your contractors renovating your condo, but also directly to you. In some cases, you may be restricted and not allowed to make certain types of changes, without obtaining approval from your condo association’s board. There are also some changes that are simply not allowed. Each building has its own rules and regulations, so before you assume it is okay to make a change, and then have to pay to undo the work, it is better to find out before starting your renovation project.

Create a Budget

You need to create a budget for your renovation project. You would be surprised by how many people never take the time to create one, let alone reserve part of the budget as part of a contingency plan. The money set aside is ideal in cases where you decided to change materials or are presented with unexpected expenses. A budget will help keep your project under control and avoid overspending on the renovation.

Avoid Over-Customizing Your Condo

One costly mistake people make, when it comes to condo renovations, is over-customizing the condo to suite their tastes. You never know what your situation is going to be a few years down the road. You might decide you want to sell your condo and before you can list it, have to pay for another renovation to make your condo more appealing for potential buyers.

Instead, consider a pre-designed palette from a condo renovation company in Toronto. A pre-designed palette has been carefully colour matched with modern, and appealing colour schemes, perfect for condos of all sizes. You can choose to use the same palette throughout the condo or different ones in each room. Additionally, the condo renovator is able to help save you money since all of the materials needed to renovate your condo are included in the costs of the pre-designed palette you select.

Just remember, the actual costs do depend upon the size of the room, the types of materials you selected, and other such factors. Normally, most pre-designed palettes feature a base package with optional upgrades. To learn more about our pre-designed palettes you can use to renovate your condo and to obtain a free quote, feel free to contact Turn-Key Projects in Toronto today at 416-414-9298. Our renovation process is simple - pick your palette, upload your specs or have us measure for you, get your free estimate, meet with your project manager, and then we renovate your condo to your specifications.