Get Your Condo Renovated in Time for the Holidays

The holidays are just right around the corner and you might be looking around your condo and thinking of how basic or dated the colour and design of the room looks. If you are preparing to receive friends and family and invite them into your home this holiday season, you can surprise them with newly renovated rooms in the latest colour schemes, developed by experienced Toronto renovation company, Turn-Key Projects. Imagine the look on their faces when then enter you newly renovated condo and see the stunning colours and designs! They will be amazed that you were able to get your condo renovated so quickly, too! Here at Turn-Key Projects our goal is to help save you time and money, while lending our experience to deliver results that not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

Interior Design Colour Schemes for Fall 2016 and Winter 2017

In the spring the industry experienced an increase in light pastels for wall colours and light earth-toned flooring. The current trends in interior design for the fall and winter this year have undergone some transitions. While pastels are still popular with some people, most people are starting to shift towards mixing pastels with darker earthy colours, like a rich gray lavender, with bluish pastel undertones. Floor coverings are also shifting from light woods to medium and dark wood colours. For instance, our Gotham Suite designer palette reflects many of the current trends. If this palette seems a bit too dark for your tastes, our Soho Suite designer palette also offers a combination of current trends, but in a slightly lighter version.

Bathroom design trends, on the other hand, continue to focus on incorporating lighter wall coverings and other such elements to brighten up the room and provide more light. Two of the more popular colour schemes this season are our Zen Spa and South Beach designer palettes. Both feature some of the earthy-tones people are choosing, while at the same time offer lighter wall coverings and other elements to maintain brighter bathrooms.

Getting your condo renovated in time for holiday guests is a straight forward process at Turn-Key Projects. You are free to choose from one of our several pre-design palettes or contact one of our designers to create a custom design that best reflects your own personal tastes and preferences. Next, you decide what rooms in your condo you want to renovate and are free to choose different designs for the different rooms in your condo. Lastly, you sit back and relax while our expert renovators transform your rooms and complete the renovation process. If you are debating between a few different designs, let us know and we would be happy to send you a box of samples, so you can touch and feel the high-quality materials we will use for your renovation project. To get started on your condo renovation project, feel free to use our online form or call us at 416-414-9298 for further assistance.