Condo Kitchen Renovation Tips

One of the most frequently renovated areas of any home, including single-family homes and condos is the kitchen. After buying their home, most people start to discover certain aspects they might want to improve or change, as well as things they dislike. By remodeling the kitchen, not only does it allow you to redesign it to fit your needs and tastes, but also can add value to your home.

It is important to stress remodeling a kitchen in a condo can have different requirements than remodeling a kitchen in a traditional single-family dwelling. Before you start your project, we will discuss some useful information to ensure your condo renovation project is a success.

What Was the Developer Thinking?

Most condo owners often question why their kitchens look so boring and wonder why the developer didn’t make them appear as outstanding as the rest of the unit. Whether your home is several years old or was recently purchased, most developers try to limit the amount they spend on kitchens.

In addition, developers tend to get bulk discounts on large volumes of the exact same cabinets and appliances to reduce construction costs. As a result, developers typically try to get the same styles of everything that go into the kitchen, while limiting the number of options they offer to the original buyer, like two colour options for cabinets, countertops, flouring, and appliances. Even the kitchens in condos that cost $500K or more tend to have basic and generic designs!

Condo Renovation Experience Is Essential

Kitchen remodels in condos present certain challenges, like having to work within a limited amount of space, restricted work hours, and potential building regulations, like inspections. While it can be tempting for some people to flex their inner DIY talents, it can lead to costly mistakes.

Get Permission

For instance, one couple decided to renovate their kitchen without discussing the project with their association ahead of time and getting permission. Later, when the association learned of the project, they said they needed to inspect the unit. Upon inspection, they found several things which violated the association’s rules. The lesson here: Before starting any kitchen remodel, review your association’s rules and get their permission.

Review Current Kitchen Décor Trends

If you plan on staying in your unit for the next five or ten years, it is acceptable to customize your kitchen to fit your tastes. However, if you intend to sell the unit sometime within the next five years, take the time to check out the current trends in kitchen décor, colour schemes, and so on. It is better to remodel your kitchen in a currently trending scheme you like, as it not only will make it easier to sell the home later, but could potentially increase the value of the condo.

Take Advantage of One-Stop Solutions

Here at Turn-Key Projects, our Toronto condo renovation company offers one-stop solutions to make renovating your condo’s kitchen simply and easy. We offer an array of popular and trending colour palettes to choose from, along with your own personal project manager to lend their expertise and guidance, while overseeing your project is completed correctly, on time, and to your satisfaction. For more information about our renovation solutions for your kitchen other rooms in your home, please feel free to call at 416-414-9298 today!