Buyers Need to Be Aware of Staging Techniques When Shopping for Condos

One technique used to help condo owners sell their homes is called staging. Staging is a rather detailed process used by the seller, their agents, and even sometimes with the help of professional home staging services. Staging has been an acceptable real estate practice for years.

Keep in mind, the goal of the condo owner and their agent is to the sell the home. As such, sometimes things might appear to be better than they really are, so it is essential to not get overly distracted and remain on track while viewing the home. Most sellers are not out to deceive you, although there are some unsavory people out there, so you always need to be careful and cautious, since buying a condo is a major investment.

Staging and Older Condos

When you are viewing older condos, the home owner might have had a condo renovation company in Toronto come in and give their condo a complete make-over. The walls could have been painted, new flooring installed, carpeting replaced or cleaned, and so on. After the renovations were finalized, they might have also had a professional cleaning service come in to do a detailed cleaning of the home to make it sparker and shine.

It is easy to get distracted by all the new “bells and whistles” the owner put into their older condo. While these renovations are to your benefit, where some buyers go wrong is when it comes to making an offer to buy the home. Just remember the actual age of the building or unit and take this into consideration when making an offer. It makes no sense to offer to buy an older condo for the same amount you could purchase a brand new unit for in a new building.

Staging Techniques

Regardless of the actual age of the condo and the condo renovation services that were completed, this section covers some of the more common staging techniques used and how they can alter the appearance of the home.

Being aware of staging, helps ensure you are prepared when shopping for condos. Remember to ask plenty of questions. Lastly, make sure to have the condo inspected by a qualified inspector for your own protection. The inspector may uncover certain problems or issues that need to be resolved, which could lead to you getting a better bargain on the unit if you are willing to pay for the repairs/renovations yourself.

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